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Nutella and Antioxidants, two stories about how little people understand food

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These two stories shed light on our ideas and misconceptions about foods.  Is anything that has chocolate and sugar definitely bad? Should we eat more antioxidants?  The answers suggested in these articles might surprise you.  Just a disclaimer, I like a tablespoon of Nutella melted and mixed in my black coffee in the morning.


One tablespoon of Nutella contains 100 calories, 5.5 grams fat, 0.5 grams fiber, 1.5 grams protein, and 10.5 grams sugar. Sure, the sugar content is high, but it also has a low Glycemic Index of 33, which means the energy is slow releasing. The same amount of Smucker’s strawberry preserves contains 50 calories and no fat. It also contains no protein, no fiber, and 12 grams of sugar with a GI that’s likely in the mid-60s or even 70s.

For the Nutella story titled  Go Ahead, Eat Chocolate for Breakfast:



As it turns out, we have no evidence that antioxidants are beneficial in humans. (Though if you’re a Sprague-Dawley rat, there’s hope.) In fact, as Emily Anthes wrote last year in Slate, the best available data demonstrate that antioxidants are bad for you—so long as you count an increased risk of death as “bad.”

For the antioxidant story titled The Doctor and the Pomegranate: