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Class war ?

Number in Poverty and Poverty Rate: 1959 to 20...

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By now you have probably seen Jon Stewart’s take on Warren Buffett‘s Op-Ed on raising taxes on the rich, if not it’s here:


However, no one seems to be posting links to the original Op-Ed, so here it is:


Here is a response to Mr Buffet’s Op-Ed by another billionaire Charles G. Koch


Here are two responses in response to his statement that the past several years have had a massive increase in government spending (it’s been going on for a while):



An article about giving to charity which is kind of a response to Mr.Koch’s assertion:


Finally, for those of you who watched the complete story on The Daily Show, the source for the comments about how American poor aren’t really poor;


And a response to mathematical inaccuracies in that story:

Read the information provided and watch the video; then actually think for yourself, it’s easy.