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The recalls in Wisconsin are recently in the news, however, what really catches the eye is the questionable practices taking place that could poison the results.

MADISON — Robocall errors and targeted mailing typos are beginning to litter Wisconsin’s recall campaign landscape in the closing days of the race.

While Democrats and Republicans say they’ve made innocent mistakes in reaching out to the electorate, some fear democracy could pay the ultimate price.

Here is the most equally skewed report I could find:


In Wisconsin, flyers from the non-existent Milwaukee Black Voters League offered some “warnings for election time,” including the false claim that anyone who voted in a primary election could not vote again the general election.

“If anybody in your family has ever been found guilty of anything, you can’t vote in the presidential election,” the flyer read. “If you violate any of these laws, you can get 10 years in prison and your children will get taken away from you.”

And here is a reference from the last election lest you see this as anew development:



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